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  1. Salaries benefits

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    一、Compensation and Benefits

    1)Salary structure: basic salary + overtime + attendance bonus + post allowance + seniority allowance + performance bonus

    2)New employees every year at least two times salary opportunities for older employees at least once a year salary opportunity, outstanding opportunities for at least two times salary;

    3)Social security or purchase commercial insurance for employees;

    4)Production line employees monthly competitions excellent staff and quarterly / annual appraisal excellent staff, engineers, administrators and give cash awards;

    5)Every two months for employees to organize a birthday party and birthday gifts granted;

    6)Each full year of work in the company employees can apply for a new work clothes and free work shoes;

    7)For ease of colds, Department special season, giving the company provided to prevent colds, Xie Department of tea drinking;

    8)Employees can enjoy national holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, paternity leave;

    9)The company has a cafeteria and dormitories inside, sumptuous dining to provide staff and beautiful accommodation.","

    二、Recreational activities

    1)Internal company has a library, badminton, table tennis room, billiards room, free Internet / wifi, TV room and other sports and entertainment facilities;

    2)At least 1-2 times a year the company organized events; regularly organizes various ball games, chess competitions and awards to the winners awarded accordingly, enrich their spare time;

    3)Large Spring Festival held each year, and provides a rich dinner and raffle prizes and opportunities;

    4)Each department has activities of the Fund, at least once every sector organizations, travel, arrange staff dinner 2-3 times.


    1、Training new recruits:

    To make new recruits soon as possible into the company, acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work; so that employees of the overall quality and the ability to fully upgrade to meet the needs of the company evolving; fully exploit staff potential and ability to mobilize staff enthusiasm and creativity to achieve common development of the company and employees; establish a systematic, comprehensive and competitive training system.Training contents include: 1) the company level training: %"Basic, corporate culture%2) Departmental Training: introduce the main place of work, the department organizational structure, mainly involving staff and related personnel positions; post operation WI and job skills training; job training in the safe operation of the Fire Precautions; 6S regulations department, department payroll calculation and description Other systems provide training within the department.

    2、Dry Reserve Training:

    For the company's long-term development of reserves management, technology, business and other areas of key personnel, and the formation of internal stability, effective talent training mechanism. Training: Company reports, site visits, live a simple process to explain; %"Basic, corporate culture%"; %"Executive Power%"; %"Career Planning and Management of mind%"; %"PCB Basics%" %"ISO9000 Basics%for evaluation of physical discipline locating military posts, after the completion of internship training; knowledge. %"

    3、In order to improve the management level and management skills and motivate talented employees, strengthen team spirit, the company arranged 1-3 times a year and external training courses and development activities.

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