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    2014 East Public Security Products \u0026 Police Electronic (Suzhou) Exhibition

    Time:2015-2-3【Print】 【Return

    Organizers: China Electronic and Information Technology Industry Association China Institute of Electronics

    Organized: Suzhou International Expo Center

    Dates: 7-9 May 2014

    Booth Number: G36

    I Division, as exhibitors will attend the show, then please come to visit our customers.

    By the China Electronic and Information Industry Association, China Electronics Association jointly organized the %"2014 East Public Security Products & Police Electronic (Suzhou) Exhibition%" on May 7, 2014 -9 3A Hall was held in Suzhou International Expo Center, this fields joint security industry exhibition, showing the downstream products. For example: monitoring equipment, access control intercom, burglar alarm, intelligent transportation equipment, fire equipment, public broadcasting equipment, lightning lightning products, communications equipment.Our security products in the field as PCB suppliers are invited to participate to attend the exhibition. During the show, we always recommend customers booth PCB board process characteristics in the field of security products; at the same time, also come to visit customers to explore the characteristics of the security industry, downstream products for our company in the future to promote the process from PCB to a certain role and help.



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